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Learn About the Four Communication & Personality Styles Today!

… and learn to use that knowledge to improve your relationships, reduce conflict, and dramatically improve your people skills

Here are a few of the topics covered in the book:

  • Learn to recognize the four main behavioral styles (D, I, S, and C)
  • Understand the strength and weaknesses of each behavioral style
  • Understand how each behavioral style is perceived by others
  • Understand and manage behavioral expectations (both yours and others’)
  • Learn to appreciate different behavioral styles
  • Learn to communicate with individuals with different behavioral styles
  • Learn about each behavior style in conflict & ways to defuse conflict with each
  • Understand what motivates individuals with different behavioral styles
  • Learn to read and respond to individual customer’s/client’s behavioral style
  • Reduce frustration and conflict resulting from differences in behavioral style

Also Included in the book:
* Self-Assessments * Self-Coaching Worksheet after each chapter * Chapter with more than a dozen At-a-Glance Cheat Sheets (How to Deal with Conflict with Each Style, How to Motivate Each Style, Challenges/Weaknesses of Each Style, Strengths of the Styles, Expectations of Others for Each Style, Learning Styles, How to Improve Performance, and more…)

Are you ready to find out more about why you behave and communicate the way you do?

Would you like to become a more effective communicator and more effective at accomplishing your goals?

Do you want to understand why your coworkers, managers, subordinates, friends, and family members behave and communicate the way they do?

Do you want to learn how to recognize and understand different personality and behavioral styles?

Do you want to learn how to most effectively communicate with people of different personality and behavioral styles?

Are you willing to invest some time to improve your communication and people skills?

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